manofrohan's Journal

Théoden Ednew
23 February
Former husband of Elfhild, brother of Theodwyn, uncle of Eomer and Eowyn, father of Theodred.

Wishes he could do those little accent thingies over letters with his keyboard.

Betrayed by Wormtongue.

Killed by my own bloody horse.

Revised edition:

has been put here. Because it causes me shame due to incoherency and error.

To sum up: People like to try and kill me a lot and I'm a blond ditz. Carry on.


My parents:

My sisters:

My brothers-in-law:

(married the last one...dear lord. never let a three year old make decisions. or Theodhale to get a good grip on me)

My nieces and nephews:

Theodhale's (these are all step):


Theoredes never had kids. Of course, she was seven. Anyway.


My (ex) wife:

Our child(s):

My adopted ones:

(the boy, yes the second one, often turns into this:

Son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws:

(through accidental adoption of Eomer)

Finally, grandkids:

(again with the accidental adoption of Eomer. Am not acknowledging the weird winged centaur thing)

And those sad few without journals: Drefan, Niphredil and Opal.

My actual son does not seem very willing to provide me with grandchildren. I do not Approve.

Oh, and my psychotic little dependant, Rogue:

There. Too many Theos. Too many relatives.

A quick gallery of people who have tried (and succeeded) in killing me:

People who appear to be on my side:

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